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Get a 3-in-1 Dog Car Seat Today!

This dog car seat not only keeps your traveling pet safe but is a bed and carrier all in one!  This multipurpose product is perfect for pet lovers on the go.  Keep reading to see how this can fit into your life!

Picture this; you wake up early on a Saturday morning.  You look over and see your little pup wagging their tail wondering what the day has planned. You grab your doggie, jump in the car and strap them into their dog car seat. Safety first! Next stop is your favorite coffee shop and then set off to the dog park.

Once you arrive, you conveniently grab the shoulder strap and use the dog carrier function to take your pup to the best spot in the park. 

Lastly, you lay down a blanket, put down the carrier to use as a dog bed for when your little one gets tired. Now its time to enjoy your coffee and best friend.

That sounds like a great morning for both you and your furry friend!

So, let’s break this 3-in-1 down. We have a dog car seat. We have a dog carrier. We have a dog bed. How do they work?

Most importantly, the dog car seat keeps your dog secure while traveling in a vehicle. Have you ever left the house wishing you could bring your dog but do not want to deal with the hassle? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore! The 37” shoulder strap can be placed over the passenger seat headrest for a secure and comfortable ride. This small dog car seat keeps you, your family and your pet comfortable and safe.

Next up, the dog carrier for the car. The sturdy strap that is used to secure the dog car seat converts into a strap to use over your shoulder.  The strap is adjustable depending on your height. Now, there is no need to buckle your pet into a dog seat belt then transfer them to a dog carrier. All you need to do is take the seat out of the car and you are on your way.

Lastly, the dog bed for the car. I wish I could send a sample of this fabric through the screen to you. It is that soft and plush. The dog bed can be used anywhere.  This is especially nice if you happen to be traveling long distances with your pet. They will always have a comfortable place to lay their little head.   

Never spend a Saturday morning without your beloved pup again!