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Welcome to Safe and Sound Hound!

My name is Heather and I am the owner of Safe and Sound Hound! We are an online retailer that provides pet travel safety products for you, your family and pup. We focus on products that will enhance the travel experience for you and your pet. It is our mission to keep your pup safe and sound!

I am an avid dog lover. From the time I can remember, I was asking my parents for a dog much to their dismay! They eventually caved and I have had (at least) one dog ever since. I now have two dogs, Minnie and Tucker. Minnie is a rescue and sweet as ever. Tucker is a rambunctious 2-year-old who always finds his way into trouble but has the cutest face. Check out the video below where I introduce Minnie and Tucker!    

I take Minnie and Tucker with me just about anywhere I can. After driving around with the two of them I realized the dangers of an unrestrained dog in the car. It is incredibly distracting to have a dog running freely while trying to drive. I found it to be just as dangerous as texting and driving! This is when I got the idea to put my passions to work.

Dog Car Seat

Tucker in his dog car seat!

I have been obsessed with dogs ever since I could remember. When I saw this need in the market for pet vehicle safety I got to work creating Safe and Sound Hound. Once I began researching this idea I realized I wanted to create a space where dog owners could go and find products to keep their pup safe and sound no matter the situation!

We offer a variety of products like dog car seats, airline carriers, fashionable dog purses, warm dog coats, lifevests and much more! We consistently add products to the store to accommodate different safety situations, changing seasons and personal styles. 

We are a community of fiercely passionate dog owners who protect, pamper, and most importantly, love their fur babies. We invite you to join us! Click here to "Like" our Facebook page! 

We would love to hear from you! Have any questions or concerns? Please contact us via our email or telephone number below! Want to share pictures or videos of your pup? Connect with us and post on our Facebook page!

Contact Information

Email Address: info@safeandsoundhound.com

Phone Number: 888-415-1349

Facebook Page:  Click Here