The Top Ten Best Reasons to Travel with Your Pet

June 18, 2018

The Top Ten Best Reasons to Travel with Your Pet

Traveling with pets is fun, exciting and will lead you to places you may have never thought to experience. Below are some reasons traveling with your pet may be the best choice you ever made.

  1. Pets are easy going and don’t argue! Pets are happy to go anywhere as long as you’re there with them.
  2. Pets are a friendly conversation starter and a new way to meet locals.
  3. Your pet will protect you. They are great in hotels, hostels or at the beach to keep all your possessions accounted for.
  4. Knowing you have unconditional love and support in your companion is good for your soul.
  5. They will never be a backseat driver!
  6. Traveling with your pet eliminates the need to find a dog sitter or pay for expensive boarding.
  7. You will discover places in different cities you would have never thought to explore.
  8. Pets reduce stress and are a mood booster. Sometimes travel can be frustrating!
  9. Traveling with your pet makes it look like you are a local to others – this may deter scam artists.
  10. Because what’s better than snuggling with your dog after a long day of travel?

Convinced yet?

I have one more tip that will make traveling with your pet even easier and safer.

Purchasing in a dog car seat is a great option to keep your eyes on the road and your pet safe while you are traveling. A dog car seat is a dog safety product that will restrain and secure your pet to one area in your vehicle.  

Most dog car seats have a latching system that attaches to your dog’s safety harness.  The dog car seat is secured using your vehicles seat belt system. This ensures that your dog will stay in the dog car seat and not become a distraction to you as a driver.

So, grab your furry friend and pick a place, its time to explore.