Fido Rido Dog Car Seat | An In-Depth Product Review

July 28, 2018

Fido Rido Dog Car Seat | An In-Depth Product Review

At Safe and Sound Hound, we offer a variety of dog car seats. Each dog car seat is different and has certain attributes that may be better suited for you and your pup. One of the products we offer is the Fido Rido Dog Car Seat which is a dog car seat, a dog bathtub, and a dog bed all in one!

Products Benefits

  • This dog car seat comes with a dog safety harness to keep your pup secure in the seat.
  • Your dog will not be a distraction to the driver.
  • Your dog is safely restrained in the event of an accident or hard stop/turn.
  • The dog car seat will keep your pup contained protecting your back seat from mud, dander, hair or anything else your dog may bring into the car.
  • The dog safety harness attaches to a unique two-strap safety system to keep your pup secure.
  • This dog car seat is multi-functional as it is a dog car seat, dog bed, and a dog bath tub.
  • Although your dog is strapped in they can still sit, stand, lie down and see out the window so they can enjoy the ride too!

Product Description

  • Constructed from the same material as child safety seats.
  • All parts of the dog car seat can be separated and washed for easy clean-ups.
  • Every seat comes with a plush colorful cover that is made from either Sherpa or fleece.
    • The cover can be removed, and machine washed.
  • This dog car seat comes with;
    • A 6-inch cushion for ultimate comfort
    • A bumper pad
    • 1 set of straps and buckles
    • A dog safety harness
    • Storage pouch
    • Instructions
  • The dog car seat will take up one seat in your car:
    •  Size of the seat:23.5 x 18.2 x 10 inches
    • For dogs up to 30lbs

Car Installation

  • Place the dog car seat in the back seat of your vehicle on either the left or right seat.
  • There is a sticker that says “place this end against seat” which indicates the back versus the front of the seat to eliminate confusion.
  • Remove the Sherpa or fleece cover
  • Feed your vehicle’s seatbelt through the holes on either side of the dog car seat.
  • Buckle the seatbelt and pull tight to secure the dog car seat.
  • Pull the cover back over the top of the seat

This dog car seat will make traveling with your pup easy and fun. Safe and Sound Hound is proud to offer quality products that improve the lives of pets and their owners. We hope you love this dog car seat as much as we do!

Don’t wait to buckle up your pup in the Fido Rido Dog Car Seat!