Double Dog Car Seat | Two Dogs? No Problem!

June 21, 2018

Double Dog Car Seat | Two Dogs? No Problem!

Do you have more than one pet? Do you travel with them often? A double dog car seat is a great solution for your pet travel needs.

Driving with an unrestrained pet is extremely dangerous and distracting. I have two small dogs and driving with them unrestrained is complete mayhem! Forget 10 and 2, I’m lucky if my eyes are on the road!

A dog car seat is a dog safety product that will restrain and secure your pet to one area in your vehicle.  A double dog car seatis the exact same thing it just has enough room for two small dogs. (usually accommodates up to 25 lbs. combined) A double dog car seat also offers multiple tethers so each dog can be safely strapped in.


Like I said, I have two small dogs and we use a double dog car seat. Here are five benefits that I found to make this a no-brainer;

  1. Safety first, always. I have peace of mind knowing my dogs are safely secured in the event of a hard stop or an accident. I am also focused on the road rather than getting distracted by my cute pups!
  1. My dogs are best friends and find comfort in being close to one another. I notice my dogs have less anxiety when they are not separated. Many times, when I look back they are cuddling together in their double dog car seat. This creates a stress-free environment for both while in the car.
  1. Buying a double dog car seat is cost effective! Buying one dog car seat rather than two will save you money.
  1. One double dog car seat only takes up about one and a half seats rather than two. This frees up valuable space in your backseat.
  1. A double dog car seat will keep all the mud, hair and dander contained in one place keeping your back seat clean. Shedding dogs will wreak havoc in a clean car – I have seen it firsthand! By keeping your dog in one place you are limiting the amount of hair and dirt that can muck up your car!

This is a great option for those dog lovers out there with more than one pet. A double dog car seat solves several problems you may be experiencing with your dog in the car!

Don’t wait to keep your pups safe and happy today!