Dog Seat Belts | The Importance of Dog Safety in the Car

July 16, 2018

Dog Seat Belts | The Importance of Dog Safety in the Car

84% of dog owners do not use any kind of restraint for their pet in the car. More than 46 million families own a dog in the United States. That means approximately 38,640,000 dog owners do not restrain their dog in the car. I can’t say I am surprised as I see unrestrained dogs in cars every day. 

Dog seat belts are more important than people think. Below are some of the reasons why people state they do not restrain their dog in the car;

42% - My dog is calm and I do not think he/she needs a restraint

39% - Never considered it

29% - Just take my dog on short trips

12% - Want my dog to be able to put head out the window

7% - Too complicated/too much trouble

3% - Want my dog to have fun in the car

3% - Want to be able to hold my dog

Here is each reason debunked

My dog is calm and I do not think he/she needs a restraint

           Although your dog may be well behaved, animals are unpredictable.Certain things may trigger your dog that would send an otherwise well-trained pup into a frenzy. For example, a dog may see a squirrel out the window and although they were just sitting like an angel in the seat they are now barking and jumping uncontrollably. This is incredibly distracting to the driver. This is only one example, there are thousands of things that could possibly trigger your pup to act differently than normal.

Never considered it

           Many people have never even heard of a dog seat belt or any kind of dog restraint system for the car. That is part of the mission of Safe and Sound Hound. We promise to spread the word about dog car safety to keep drivers, passengers, and dogs safe on the road.

Just take my dog on short trips

           The length of the trip does not matter. 52% of all car accidents in the U.S. happen within 5 miles of your home. Distracted driving and accidents have the potential to occur as soon as you start your car. Would you lay your baby in the front seat rather than in the car seat if you were just running around the corner? I didn’t think so. The same concept applies for your pup. Just because the trip is short, the possibility for disaster is not eliminated.

Want my dog to be able to put head out the window

            I know some dogs love to feel the breeze in the hair, but it is quite dangerous for a few reasons. 

  1. When your dog has access to the open air, there is a chance they can jump or fall out.
  2. Your dog’s eyes are exposed to dirt, rocks, dust and other debris. At any rate of travel, this can be extremely dangerous for your pup.
  3. They can get impaled with a flying object. You may be saying to yourself, “this seems a little farfetched”. Although this is not as common, it has happened. Especially if you are involved in an accident the chances are much greater that your pup may be injured by another car, tree, rail guard, road sign etc.

Too complicated/too much trouble

                Strapping your pup into a dog car seat is no different from putting a leash or collar on them. It takes less than 2 minutes and could be lifesaving. It is incredibly easy and quick.

Want my dog to have fun in the car

                I think it is safe to say that we all want our dogs to have fun, but the car is not the place for that. Using a dog seat belt simply restrains your dog so they are safe, it is not a torture device. In my opinion, the same logic should apply to kids and dogs. I’m sure every parent wants their kids to always have fun, but they know that it is in their best interest to buckle-up in the car.

Want to be able to hold my dog

                Holding your dog while traveling increases the chances of an accident significantly. As the driver, you are distracted by your cute pup. As stated above, dogs are unpredictable, and they could do something that causes you to take your eyes off the road. Also, if your pup is in your lap I’d guess that one hand is on the wheel and the other is petting the dog. This only adds more distraction to the already distracted driver. One other reason why this is incredibly dangerous is that if you were in an accident your dog is in a very compromised position. The area under the steering column and close to the dashboard. If the accident is serious enough the chances of injury or death are greatly increased.

Now that each reason has been debunked, are you convinced yet? Dog seat belts, dog car seats, and dog booster seats is a one -time purchase that could save lives! I know it may be unpleasant to think about or talk about but dog safety in the car is important and essential.

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Don’t hesitate to keep your family and pup safe today!