Dog Car Sickness; What is it and How to Prevent it

June 06, 2018

Dog Car Sickness; What is it and How to Prevent it

Did you know that dogs can get motion sick just like us? Luckily, there are remedies that will help prevent your pup from an upset stomach in the car.

Dog Car Seat

Motion sickness in dogs is actually very common.  About ten years ago, when I got my first dog as a teen, we took her from the suburbs to the city to visit my aunt in a nursing home.  The ride must’ve just been one minute too long because as we pulled into the parking lot I felt that “lovely” warm sensation on my legs. My poor puppy was sick, and I wasn’t sure why.

When I got home I looked online and realized that she was suffering from motion sickness. I immediately began to research the best ways to prevent motion sickness in dogs.    

As I looked, I found some of the common causes of dog car sickness.

Many puppies suffer from motion sickness. That is because, just like kids, their ear structures for balance have not fully developed. Some dogs grow out of motion sickness as they get older and their bodies are fully developed. Unfortunately, many dogs do not grow out of it.

Stress is another reason your dog may get car sick. If the only time your pup is exposed to the car is once a year to and from the vet, most likely they will associate the car with something stressful. It is best to familiarize your pet with the car by taking them on short rides that have a positive end like the park. Your pet will then see that the car doesn’t always mean something stressful. This may alleviate dog car sickness if it is brought on by stress and anxiety.

Some dogs just get sick in the car.  It’s the way they are wired. Just like people, some have to deal with it and some do not.

One of the solutions I found in my research that worked for my dog was sitting them higher in the car. I bought a dog booster seat which did just that. It boosted my dog up, so she could see out the windows.  It has been proven that if the dog can see the horizon they are less likely to be car sick.

 In addition, dog booster seats keep your pet safely secured and create a safe and familiar place in the car.  Also, in the unfortunate event, your pet does get sick, the covers on the dog booster seat are removable and machine washable for an easy cleanup. 

A dog booster seat is multi-functional and can offer your pet relief from motion sickness.

The next time you take your pup in the car make sure they are boosted up!