Dog Car Seat News | Hawaii gets serious about dog car safety

August 08, 2018

Dog Car Seat News | Hawaii gets serious about dog car safety

Do you live in Hawaii and own a pet? Do you ever travel in the car with your pet? If you answered yes, this is an important read for you! Hawaii has begun to recognize the danger of an unrestrained pet in a moving vehicle.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of the great weather and beautiful landscapes. I envy the people who are lucky enough to enjoy those every day. Many people who live in Hawaii take full advantage of outdoor activities. Many of these activities may include their pets!

Studies show that pet ownership is higher in Hawaii than the rest of the U.S. This is one of the reasons why Hawaii has taken pet vehicle safety seriously. While there is no seat belt law for dogs, there are laws that relate to driving safely with your pet.

The law

In Hawaii, if you are pulled over driving with a pet in your lap you could be ticketed for obstruction to drivers view or driving mechanism.  Hawaii Statutes, §291C-124 states "While operating a motor vehicle, no person shall hold in the person's lap, or allow to be in the driver's immediate area, any person, animal, or object which interferes with the driver's control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle.”

What does that mean?

Hawaii police officers can stop drivers anytime they see a pet on a driver’s lap while the vehicle is in motion.  The easiest and best way to prevent getting pulled over is to purchase a restraint system for your pet.  Common types of restraint systems are dog car seats, dog seat belts, and dog booster seats.

The fines

If you get stopped not obeying this doggie traffic law, you could be fined up to $97.

Dog Car Seat

Why this law exists?

  • Pets cause dangerously distracted driving when left to roam in a moving vehicle.
  • Pets can be injured and killed in car accidents when not properly restrained.
  • Dogs can become projectiles when they are not restrained which can injure other passengers in the event of an accident
  • Dogs can easily escape after an accident.

A dog car seat is a great option to keep your eyes on the road and your pet safe. A dog car seat is a dog safety product that will restrain and secure your pet to one area in your vehicle.  

Most dog car seats have a tether system that attaches to your dog’s safety harness.  The dog car seat is secured using your vehicles seat belt system. This ensures that your dog will stay in the dog car seat and not become a distraction to you as a driver.

Next time you take Fido for a ride, click-it or ticket!