Dog Car Seat | How do dog car seats work?

July 02, 2018

Dog Car Seat | How do dog car seats work?

Dog car seats are a relatively new concept which is why many people find themselves asking the question, “how do dog car seats work”. Dog car seats have become more popular over the past decade as more people are traveling with their pets.

A dog car seat is a dog safety restraint system that keeps your pup secure in the car. People who travel with their dog realize the dangers an unrestrained pup can bring. Which is one reason people are asking the question, “how do dog car seats work”.

Dog car seats come in many different models and styles.  The differences in the product are due to consumer preference. Although, many look different the basic function is the same.

Let’s talk about the basic function

The purpose of all dog car seats is to ensure that your dog will be restrained while traveling in a vehicle. Restraining a dog in a car is important because it;

  1. Prevents the dog from distracting the driver
  2. Keeps the dog secure in the event of a hard turn or hard stop
  3. Significantly reduces the chances of harm or injury in the event of an accident
  4. Keeps your dog from jumping out the window
  5. Will keep the dog restrained if the car doors are opened for any reason during or after travel

All dog car seats come with at least one tether that attaches to your dog’s safety harness. The tether either clicks right into your vehicles seat belt or is attached to the car seat.

All dog car seats are somehow affixed to your vehicle. Most dog car seats integrate with the seatbelt in the car. The physical dog car seat is fastened in much like a child safety seat.

Dog Car Seat

Let’s talk about the differences

As I stated above, most of the differences between dog car seats were created due to consumer preference. Dog car seats come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Certain shoppers want a car seat that will sit their dog higher, so their dog can see out the window. This is called a dog booster seat.

Certain shoppers want the material to be soft and plush to create a comfortable dog bed-like environment.

Some shoppers want to protect the seats in their car while keeping their pup safe, so they would need a dog car seat/cover combination.

If you are considering purchasing a dog car seat, a tip would be to make a list of attributes that are important to you. Since the basic function is the same it comes down to what else would be beneficial for you and your pup.

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