Dog Car Seat and Dog Seat Cover Combination | An In-Depth Product Review

July 09, 2018

Dog Car Seat and Dog Seat Cover Combination | An In-Depth Product Review

At Safe and Sound Hound, we offer a variety of dog car seats. Each dog car seat is different and has certain attributes that may be better suited for you and your pup. One of the products we offer is the Solvit Car Cuddler which is a dog car seat and dog seat cover all in one.

Products Benefits

  • Your pup can comfortably curl up in the backseat on the plush faux sheepskin seat.
  • Your dog will not be a distraction to the driver.
  • Your dog is safely restrained in the event of an accident or hard stop/turn.
  • The cover protects your backseat from mud, dander, hair or anything else your dog may bring into the car.
  • Multiple tethers can be purchased so more than one dog can utilize the dog car seat and dog car cover.

Product Description

  • Constructed from micro-suede fabric and faux sheepskin, with a polyester fill.
    • The cover can be removed from the fill and is machine washable
      • Wash in cold water with a mild detergent

  • This comes with a tether that will attach to your dog’s harness and buckle right into the seat belt in your car. (more than one tether can be purchased if desired; after checkout email if you would like more than one tether)
    • Tether extends from 15" to 21"
    • Tether is not compatible with;
      • Vehicles made before 1995
      • Kia Sportage
      • Subaru Forester
      • SAAB or Volvo
      • Ford Explorer

Installation Instructions

The dog car seat/cover and the seat belt restraint will come in two separate packages and may arrive on different days. Once you have received both packages the dog car seat and dog car cover will be ready for installation and use!

  • The dog car seat and dog car cover come in three pieces; the cover, the fill for the seat and the fill for the outer front edge (bolster filling).
  • It is easiest to lay the product on a flat surface with the quilted section away from you.
    • Please note the bolster filling is slightly oversized, so the following steps might be easier with two people.
  • Insert the fill for the seat portion and zip up.
  • Insert the bolster filling and zip up. Ensure that both ends of the bolster filling are pushed into the ends of the cover fully.

Car Installation

  • Place the dog car seat and dog seat cover on your car seat and loop the headrest strap(s) over the headrest(s) and adjust for best fit.
  • Locate the white plastic tubes sewn to the underside of the product. Push these tubes into the gap between the seat back cushion and seat bottom cushion. This secures the cuddler in place.
  • There are two additional straps underneath the bolster filling. If applicable (based on your car’s design) wrap these straps around the corners of your vehicle's seat and tighten.
  • Depending on how many tethers you purchased you may be able to use the seat belts in your vehicle to further secure the cover. Simply pull the seatbelt over the cover and buckle.
  • Buckle the tether into one of the open seat belts and attach to your dog’s safety harness.

This dog car seat and cover will make traveling with your pup a breeze. Safe and Sound Hound is proud to offer quality products that improve the lives of pets and their owners. We hope you love this dog car seat and dog seat cover as much as we do!

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