Dog Car Safety | What about Fido Campaign | Story #3

July 13, 2018

Dog Car Safety | What about Fido Campaign | Story #3

Dog car safety – is it something you have thought about? Many pet owners are not aware of the dangers an unrestrained dog in the car can bring. Distraction, accidents, injury, and at the very worst, death are just some to name a few. It’s time to raise awareness and educate pet owners on the truth about dog safety in the car. It's time to ask, what about Fido?

I recently reached out to the online community asking for stories and experiences about dogs involved in car accidents. I will be writing a series of posts (#whataboutfido) highlighting the responses and the importance of dog safety in the car.

The focus of the story today is about dogs riding in the bed of a pickup truck.

*Please note all names used in this article are fictitious for anonymity

Dog Car Seat

The Story

I spoke to Joanne who had two 100lb labs, Josie and Victor. Joanne lives in Canada where the weather can turn quickly in the winter months. It was a February afternoon and she was driving to a friend’s house for a visit. She always brought Josie and Victor for doggie play dates. She loaded Josie and Victor into the bed of her truck, as she always did. Since it was winter the bed of the truck was covered with the cap.

As she was driving, the weather changed, and snow began to fall quickly limiting visibility. She hit a large patch of slush, that she didn’t see, and began to hydroplane. Her car slipped off the road and into a mountain ditch. Her truck rolled several times. The cap of the truck fell off which sent Josie and Victor flying.

Joanne was disoriented and hurt herself. The airbag had deployed so it took her a couple minutes to get her bearings. People pulled over after seeing the accident and Joanne immediately asked them to check on her dogs. Both dogs were found but were in rough shape.

Josie and Victor both had several broken bones, internal bleeding, and deep visible gashes. Both dogs had to be euthanized due to the severity of their injuries.

This broke Joanne’s heart. She was absolutely devasted by the loss.

This story, unfortunately, ends in tragedy. If Joanne would’ve been aware or educated on properly restraining her dogs in the car, this would not have happened. It is hard for Joanne to look back now without regret.

Dogs should never ride in the bed of a pick-up truck with or without a cab. The chances of disaster are greatly increased. Dogs need to be restrained in the backseat of your vehicle using a dog restraint system also referred to as a dog car seat. The backseat is the safest place to put your dog car seat. When the dog is in the front there is a risk they could get hit with an airbag. If your dog is in the bed of a truck there is a chance they could jump or fall out.

Car accidents are just that, accidents. They are unexpected and unplanned, but you don’t need to be unprepared. When it comes to dog safety, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A dog car seat is a one-time purchase that has so much more meaning than just a cute dog accessory. It can be a life-saving product for your beloved pet.

I will be posting these stories weekly! Our mission with this campaign is to raise awareness about dog safety in the car. Although, this topic may be unpleasant to think about it is important. Please share this story with others using the hashtag #whataboutfido and let’s get the word out to keep Fido safe!

Would you like to be part of the #whataboutfido campaign? Do you have a story to share that and could help save lives? I would love to connect with you and feature you in an article! Please email me at